Senior Toileting Equipment

When seniors have a hard time with getting off the toilet, transfer equipment can be used to make them more safe and independent. 

Transfer aids can usually be held for support to get into standing or are used to increase the height of the toilet seat to make it easier to stand.

Transfer equipment commonly used by seniors include:

Raised Toilet Seat

A toilet seat that is meant to increase the height of the toilet. This makes it easier to stand up as one is already sitting slightly higher.


Toilet Safety Rail

A railing that surrounds the toilet and can be pushed down on to help someone get off the toilet.


Commode Chair

A strengthened frame that has a container where one can urinate or defecate. This is made for those that cannot walk or reach the toilet in time and need a toileting option near the bedside.


Grab Bars

Grab bars are installed into a wall stud. When they are placed within reach of the toilet, they can be pulled to help someone get up from the toilet.