Senior Mobility Equipment

When seniors have a hard time with walking, mobility equipment can be used to make them more safe and independent. 

There are mobility aids that can be held for support while walking to improve one’s balance and walking distance. For those where that may not be enough, wheelchairs and scooters can help meet one’s mobility needs.

Mobility equipment commonly used by seniors include:


Canes is a walking stick used as a crutch or to help with walking.


A metal frame with a big base of support meant to make walking longer distances easier. A built in seat will allow a senior to sit and rest when needed.


A chair with wheels that is used by someone whose walking is difficult or impossible. 

Wheelchairs can be simple and relatively inexpensive. For example, the transport wheelchair designed to move someone short distances for short periods of time (such as attending a medical appointment). But they can also be very expensive through custom fitted seating designs with options to add power mobility in some circumstances. 


Mobility Scooter

A motorized electric vehicle that has non-customizable seats and functions like a motorized scooter to access nearby community services.