Senior Kitchen Aids

When seniors have a hard time with making meals, eating, or complying with their medications, adaptive kitchen equipment can be used to make seniors more safe and independent. 

Arthritis and eating aids can be used to make grasping of kitchen utensils easier. For medication management, equipment can provide reminders and give cues as to which pills need to be taken.

Eating Aids

When seniors experience difficulty with eating and fine motor activities, assistive devices may be able to help with eating.


Meal Preparation Aids

Kitchen aids commonly used by seniors include: one handed rocker knife, adaptive cutting boards and much more. This can allow an individual to prepare or consume meals with one hand if needed.


Medication Aids

When seniors start having difficulty with taking their medication, assistive devices may be able to help with reminder cues.


Arthritis Aids

Arthritis aids can help make a wide range of activities easier. For example, a larger built up handle can make it easier to grasp and control a utensil.