Senior Bedroom Equipment

When seniors have a hard time with getting out of bed, transfer equipment can be used to make them more safe and independent. 

There are transfer aids that can be held for support while trying to get out of bed. Along with dressing aids, seniors can age at home with greater ease.

Bedroom equipment commonly used by seniors include:

Bed Rail

A safety railing that can be pulled to help someone get out of bed.


Security Pole

A pole that goes from one’s floor to the ceiling, that can be used to help someone get up from bed or other surfaces within the home.


Patient Lift

A device that helps move someone from one spot to another with the use of a sitting sling and a hoist. This requires two caregivers to be available, but it is great for people that have minimal strength or balance.


Dressing Aids

When seniors experience difficulty with dressing and fine motor activities, assistive devices may be able to help with dressing.