Senior Bathing Equipment

When seniors have a hard time with bathing, safety equipment can be used to make them more safe and independent. 

There are bathing aids that can be held for support while standing or may act as a resting surface for one to sit and regain their strength or energy.

Bathing equipment commonly used by seniors include:

Bath Chair

A chair with rubber feet to prevent sliding. Stays inside a bathtub or shower to allow a senior to sit while washing.


Tub Transfer Bench

Similar to a bath chair, however this also partially sits outside. As a result, it minimizes the need to step over the bathtub edge, instead one can sit and lift their legs over the edge to get in and out.


Grab Bars

Grab bars that are either suction secured or drilled into the wall can be used for support and to help keep one’s balance steady.


Tub Rail

A railing that clamps onto the side of the bathtub and can be used for support as one steps in and out of the tub.


Hand Held Shower Head

A hand held shower head that is connected to a long flexible hose which can be manipulated and angled to wash different to reach areas. Useful for those that sit for their shower.


Bath Lift

A bath lift can be used to slowly lower or lift someone from the bathtub floor. This device is electrically powered and controlled by a hand held remote to support someone with bathing.