Low Vision Products For Seniors

As individuals age, eye muscles tend to fatigue more easily and lenses in the eye become less flexible. These factors can contribute to vision loss and in extreme situations, health conditions that can lead to visual impairments which can make everyday activities challenging. By using these low vision products, seniors can function more easily with their day to day living:

  1. Big Button Phone – make phone calls more easily.

Making phone calls to family members, arranging medical appointments or contacting 911 for emergency services can be difficult if the buttons on a phone are small and difficult to read. 


With a large button phone, you can make calls without relying on others to dial the number for you.

  1. Low Vision Paper Notebook – keep your writing more straight and organized.

Most lined paper is created with faint lines dividing the sections of a page. This is not suitable for those with poor vision as they may not be able to see the guiding lines. 


By using low vision paper with bold guiding lines, you can write a letter to a friend or jot down an important reminder for yourself. This aid helps to keep your writing straight and within the lines.

  1. Extra Large Digital Clock – always know the time and date.

Many wrist watches and clocks have small displays that are difficult to read. 

With an extra large digital clock, one can always see what the time is regardless of how well lit the room is. 


This clock has an additional feature that displays the current date. This can help the elderly remember to take certain medications that are prescribed for certain days of the week and improve compliance.

  1. Lighted Magnifier For Small Print – be able to read medicine bottles and small labels.

Reading the fine print on medicine bottles and labels can be troublesome for those with visual deficits. 

By using a magnifier, one can see the labels up close in an enlarged font to follow instructions or learn more information. 


This product also has a built in light that can assist with reading at night or in a darkened area.

  1. High Contrast Large Print Computer Keyboard – make typing easier by seeing the keys.

Many seniors wish to remain active on their computers to stay up to date on emails from friends and family, or to communicate with distant relatives through social media.


With a keyboard that uses high contrasting and large print identifying the keys, a senior with visual impairments can continue to surf the internet or be actively involved with online senior groups.

  1. Jumbo Sized Calculator – stay on top of your finances with a big button calculator.

Those with decreased vision have trouble using calculators that have small hard to see buttons and tiny displays. 


With a jumbo desktop calculator, one can easily see and push the buttons to make simple calculations. This vision aid can help someone stay on top of household bills and be more independent with their financial decisions.

  1. Large Print Playing Cards – keep playing card games with friends and family.

Many playing cards have faces (front of the card) that use small numbers or symbols. This can make engaging in social activities or card games more challenging for seniors with visual issues and can contribute to feelings of isolation. 


By using large print cards, an elderly individual with low vision can participate in a game of cards and experience fun with others.