Best Keyboard For Arthritis

Arthritis can contribute to joint stiffness, swelling, pain and movement restrictions in the hands and fingers. This can make typing difficult, which may act as a barrier to completing work and engaging in leisure activities that require the use of a computer.

In severe cases of arthritis, people may have complications such as hand and finger deformities. This can further impair how easily someone types and uses computer accessories.

As a result, when searching for the best keyboard, it is important to trial various models and styles as everyone experiences arthritis differently.

People with arthritis are recommended to try the following keyboards:

Perixx Periboard Ergonomic Split Keyboard


The key defining feature of this keyboard is that the keysets are divided in half along a central line and angled slightly to accommodate the hands’ natural inward turned rotation. 

Some individuals find this placement to cause less hand pain when typing for prolonged periods of time.


  • Keyboard comes in wired or wireless styles
  • Keys are angled in an ergonomic design to reduce pain


  • May not be supportive for wrists – raised surface for the keys requires its user to have wrists extended unnaturally when typing
  • The arrow keys on the keyboard do not follow the standard layout of all other keyboards and requires a learning curve to adjust to the new placement

Kinesis Freestyle2 Separation Keyboard


This keyboard has a wire that connects the two separate halves of the keyboard. The individual boards can be separated up to 9 or 20 inches apart depending on the length of the cord purchased. 

This allows someone to position the two boards in a comfortable position for one’s own individual preferences and needs.


  • Keyboard halves can be separated by 9 or 20 inches for maximum individual comfort and preference


  • Keyboard does not include a number pad for easy calculations and numerical work; it is an additional separate purchase
  • Wrist support is not included with this product

EZSee Large Print Keyboards With Contrasting Colors


Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disorder that predisposes someone to a higher risk of damage to the optic nerve and glaucoma.

Most types of glaucoma are caused by increased pressure on the optic nerve due to fluid build up at the back of the eye, and this leads to vision changes and possible loss of eyesight. 

For those that experience the effects of inflammatory arthritis and related vision changes, the use of a large print keyboard with easy to see key caps may be helpful. 

As well, the high contrasting colors of the EZSee Large Print Keyboard makes it easier to identify the difference between the keys to maximize typing accuracy and speed.

Additionally, a transparent keyguard can be installed overtop of the keyboard to reduce typing errors. This guard makes a cavity for each keyset, and a finger must be inserted to type the desired key. 


While a keyguard increases accuracy of typing by minimizing the incorrect hitting of nearby keys, it dramatically reduces typing speed by way of its design. As a result, this optional accessory is only used by those with the most severe hand coordination issues.


  • Great for people with poor vision due to large easy to see print and contrasting colors
  • Has an optional attachable keyguard that can reducing typing errors


  • Physical design of keyboard is not physically ergonomically supportive for the wrist or fingers

Tip: It is important that a doctor checks your vision regularly to manage any deterioration or vision changes.

Logitech Wireless Split Ergonomic Keyboard with Wrist Rest


The major feature of this keyboard is that it is extremely thin and lies flat against the desk. This reduces wrist extension, which can cause pain for some people that type frequently.

Furthermore, this keyboard has an adjustable palm lift to offer more individualized positioning  for maximizing wrist comfort. The palm lift feature can adjust the keyboard to an angle of 0, 4 or 7 degrees off of the table it sits on.


  • Low profile reduces wrist discomfort
  • Adjustable palm lift improves wrist positioning 


  • Number pad is located on the same keyboard with no special ergonomic positioning options

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard with Separate Number Pad


This sleek ergonomically designed keyboard features a domed shape to reduce wrist pronation and a wrist pad for maximum comfort.

This peripheral device also features an isolated number pad that can be shifted and positioned as needed for individual comfort. 


  • Separate number pad allows for optimal positioning for different individual needs
  • Domed keyboard shape helps reduce wrist pronation with goal of lowering arthritis pain when typing


  • Only comes in a wireless version that requires batteries to be changed periodically