Best Couch Standing Aids For 2021

Able Life Universal Floor to Ceiling Grab Bar Rail with Support Handle
– Large grab handle for optimal comfort
– Held by tension against the ceiling, or it can be permanently secured in place
– Up to 300 lbs of heavy duty weight support
Stander EZ Stand-N-Go
– Bariatric, supporting up to 400 lbs
– Highly adjustable for use with most couches, chairs and recliners
Able Life Stand Assist Safety Handle
– Easy to pull handle for standing up
– Includes a TV tray for table top activities or rotated for use as a side table

People can have difficulty with standing up because it requires a lot of muscular strength and balance. 

The couch is one of the most challenging seats to stand up from because they are often low to the ground and cushions may sometimes sink in.

For individuals with moderate upper body strength, they may be able to stand on their own by offloading any leg weakness through their arms with the use of transfer aids.

These are the best standing aids to help someone get up from the couch:

  1. Able Life Universal Floor to Ceiling Grab Bar Rail with Support Handle

An Able Life universal floor to ceiling grab bar can be placed near the couch and pulled on for help with standing up.

This transfer aid can be installed in living rooms where there is a 7, 8 or 9 foot ceiling. While the support pole can be held in place by tension, it can also be secured permanently when long term use is anticipated.


The device should not be installed on vaulted or slanted ceilings as it cannot be well secured in these spots. Installing a pole on a popcorn ceiling will lead to damage, so it should only be used in locations with flat and smooth ceilings.

Product specifications

Weight capacity: 300 lbs

Pole weight: 19 lbs

Ceiling height requirements: 7, 8 or 9 feet tall with an additional 3 inches of overlap in either direction (eg. 6’9”-7’3”, 7’9”-8’3”, and 8’9”-9’3”)

Handle size: 12.5” inches height x 7” inches width

Pole dimensions: 108” inches height (adjustable) x 18” inches width x 8” inches depth


  • Adjustable pole height
  • Large support handle
  • Tension mounted or permanently screwed into the ceiling for maximum security


  • Adjustable pole height for varying ceiling heights in different rooms
  • Large and easy to grasp handle for transfer support
  • Can be positioned in the middle of the room where wall mounted grab bars are inaccessible


  • Can only be installed on flat smooth ceilings
  • Should be checked regularly to ensure stability

  1. Stander EZ Stand-N-Go

The Stander EZ Stand-N-Go is an adjustable metal frame that is attached to the couch cushion, and has handles that can be pushed on to help someone stand up.

The device is installed underneath a removable couch cushion or on top and around cushions that are fixed or stitched.


By placing weight through the discreet low profile ergonomic handles, an individual can sit down or stand more independently from the couch without caregiver assistance.

Product Specifications:

Weight capacity: 300 lbs (standard), 400 lbs (bariatric)

Handle height adjustable 22″ inches to 32″ inches

Handle to handle width adjustable 19″ inches to 26″ inches (handle to handle width)

Leg height adjustable: 14″ inches to 21″ inches (to match sofa height)

Depth: 24″ inches to 27″ inches (to match sofa cushion depth)

Product weight: 8.5 lbs (standard), 8 lbs (bariatric)


  • Frame has adjustable legs, handles, depth and width
  • Works with cushions that are fixed, stitched or removable


  • Highly adjustable to fit most chairs, couches and recliners
  • Design is discrete and can be tucked under removable cushions


  • Can interfere with weight shifting sideways along the couch
  • Handles are small and may be difficult to hold

  1. Able Life Stand Assist Safety Handle

The couch feet sit on top of an adjustable length base to position a mobility handle slightly in front of the couch. The Able Life stand assist safety handle can be used for support with sitting or standing from the couch.


This device also has a multipurpose TV tray with a built in cup holder and a utensil compartment. The table can be pivoted in front and can support a laptop, or put aside to be used as a side table.

If desired, this support handle can come without the added tray: Stander CouchCane

Product specifications:

Handle weight capacity: 250 lbs

Handle size: 6″ inches by 6″ inches

Support handle height adjusts: 34″ inches to 40″ inches

Table tray dimensions: 16″ inches by 18″ inches

Table weight capacity: 30 lbs

Table height adjusts: 26″ inches to 32″ inches

Base length adjusts: 20″ inches to 36″ inches

Product weight: 4 lbs


  • Large grab handle for pulling
  • Includes an optional tray table


  • Handle is large and can support most individuals with its 250 lbs weight capacity
  • Tray can be positioned in front of the couch for meals or table top activities
  • Table can be moved aside when not in use


  • Only useful if sitting at the end of the couch, equipment not useful if sitting in the middle cushion
  • Device requires pulling strength, so it may not be helpful for those that can only push through their arms

  1. Carex Upeasy Seat Assist

The Carex Upeasy Seat Assist is a self powered hydraulic lifting mechanism that you sit on. When triggered, it propels upwards to position you higher to make standing up more easy.


This device must be adjusted to one’s weight, and slowly lifts someone higher without pushing them forward. This device is lightweight and portable and should only be used on firm couches and surfaces.

Electrically powered versions exist where the lifting seat can be controlled by a remote and stopped at any height. These versions are more expensive and must be connected to a nearby wall outlet for power.


  • Provides lift assistance on a variety of surfaces
  • Simple to use



  • Can only be used on firm surfaces
  • Needs to be calibrated to your individual weight for optimal operation

  1. Carex Sturdy Uplift Adjustable Walker

The Carex Sturdy Uplift Adjustable walker has four aluminum feet with lower rubber gripping handles that can be pushed on to help stand up from a low couch.


Once standing, this mobility aid can be shifted forward with each step to provide balance support with walking.


  • Helps with mobility
  • Designated hand grips for transfer support


  • Stable security frame can help with standing up and walking short distances


  • No wheels on the mobility aid means it needs to be lifted with every step taken

  1. Sit to Stand Walking Cane

A sit to stand cane with an additional lower handle that can be pushed on for support to help someone stand up from a couch.


Once standing, this mobility aid can be held in the hand and used for balance support with walking.


  • Supportive handle for transfers
  • Can be used for walking support


  • Easy to learn how to use
  • Lightweight and can be used throughout the home or community settings


  • Does not provide as much balance support as an aluminum walking frame

  1. Home-it Adjustable Furniture Risers

Many people have trouble getting up from a sofa because it is too low to the ground. 

Adding risers to the sofa’s feet can boost the overall height of the sitting surface. This can make it easier to stand, as someone would be sitting taller, and closer to an upright standing position.



  • Increases height of furniture to make standing and sitting transfers easier


  • Inexpensive way to raise a sofa’s height
  • Accommodates most shapes and sizes of sofa feet


  • Should only be used on couches with stationary feet